Punch and Judy Pegs
Hand-Painted Wooden Toys for Play and Display

Store Policy

Store and Privacy Policy is a required agreement field at checkout. But you can have a look at the policies here as well.

Turn-around length, Shipping, Day-Of Shipping - USA & Canada

Unless stated in the description, all products are made to order. For better product quality and service, please allow at least one business week for a full turn-around. At most, a turn-around time is three weeks, unless the consumer is notified about extension length

All packages are sent to an address provided on the billing and shipping information through all transaction types. Punch & Judy Pegs will not issue a refund or replace items sent to an outdated address. If the item is returned to the store owner, the customer will be notified and will have to pay another shipping fee.

Ready to ship items may be shipped out on the same day of purchase, if the transaction was received before 12 P.M. EST, M-F. and before 9 AM EST, on Saturdays. There no guarantee shipping on the same day will occur.

Lost Items and Returns/Refunds/Exchanges

All made-to order items cannot be refunded. All Sale items are final. Custom made items cannot be exchanged, refunded, or returned.

All fulfilled products are labeled with a tracking number that is traced to the consumer’s shipping address. The customer receives a tracking number with every fulfilled order. Punch & Judy Pegs is not responsible for lost, damaged, or delayed items. If the package is lost in the mail, the store owner is more than happy to collaborate with USPS and with the customer to ensure everything possible has been done to fix the issue.

All International shipping items will have a tracking number that is traceable within the USA. The Tracking number may or may not be available once the product is out of the country. Since all Sales are final and no return options are available for internationally purchased products, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide appropriate shipping information.

Punch & Judy Pegs will refund an item if the address labeling error was the fault of the store owner.



Production quality

All P&J-Pegs items are hand-painted; there will be slight variations in each item. However, rest assured that each item is lovingly painted with the greatest attention to detail and quality craftsmanship.

Material used

Punch & Judy Pegs uses non-toxic acrylic paint (FolkArt, Americano, AppleBarrel, Windsor) and several coats of non-toxic sealer (ModPodge) to ensure the pegs hold up to play by little hands. Although all supplies are nontoxic, Punch and Judy Pegs does not recommend that a child should put the toys in their mouth.

Punch & Judy Pegs products may have small pieces (pieces smaller than three inches), such as the mini peg dolls and keychains, and even the pieces on the stacking toys. These are Choking Hazards and the customer is responsible to “KNOW YOUR CHILD AND BUY ACCORDINGLY”

P&J-Pegs is not responsible for and will not refund an item that was sent to the wrong address that was not updated by the buyer.

Privacy Policy/ Personal Information Data

Squarespace collects customer data for improving customer service. The data may include some if not all of the following categories:


Commenting scripts

Contact Information


Customer Account information and passwords

Punch and Judy Pegs respects all customer privacy and takes privacy quite seriously. All customers choose to provide information for the best service and features they can receive on the website.


gift cards

Gift cards are available electronically and they can be printed.

Punch and Judy Gift Cards never expire.

When you purchase a gift card, the store will take you directly to the checkout. Squarespace policy is that gift cards cannot be purchased with other orders. For example, you will have to purchase a gift card as a separate order from a purchase of a peg doll.

Gift Cards apply to the order total, which includes taxes and S&H


Please feel free to contact the shop at any time if you have any other questions that were not covered.



A subscription can be canceled at any time. When a 6-month subscription is canceled, for example, you will not receive the rest of the orders.

You do not have to send back the peg dolls that you received before you cancelled your subscription.

When your subscription renews, your subscription order will ship within a week of your subscription renewal.

If you do not know how to cancel your subscription, please contact the shop via your customer e-mail and the owner will do it manually. Simple as that.

You will see your subscription order, next renewal date, S&H information, and history in your customer account under the “Subscription” tab.

You cannot apply a discount code to any subscriptions and you cannot purchase your subscription with a gift card.

You cannot “pause” a subscription; you must delete it all together.

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